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vShare IOS for iPhone without Jailbreak Download

vShare IOS for iPhone without Jailbreak:

vShare IOS is an amazing app to get the apps which you can not get for free from the App store. With the help of vShare, you will be able to get the free apps which you will be able to install it without jailbreak, AppSync.

You can compare it with Cydia, but this works in the totally different manner as in Cydia which have to add the repo source and then you will able to get the app where you are looking, but this is same as the App store. You will consider vShare IOS as the AppSync alternative.In this post, I will tell you how to install vShare on your iOS without jailbreak.

How to Install vShare IOS Without jailbreak:


Installing the vShare without jailbreak is very easy, and it would not need much time as well. You just need to follow the steps.

I have mentioned otherwise it will not work properly.

 Go ahead and unlock your iOS device.
 Now look for the Safari and open it.
 Enter the URL www.vShare.com in the URL box
 If you are reading on your iOS device, then just click here to open the site.
 Now you will find the two options for download, and now you have to decide which one you are going to download.
 In this post, we are going to install the vShare IOS for the jailbroken iOS device.
 Tap on the Download button.
 Now you will see the pop-up on your iOS device, and you will be asked if you want to install the app.
 Tap on the install button
 The app will start installing, and now you will be able to track the installation by hitting the home button.
 Downloading will depend on the speed of your network.
 Now you will open the vShare app, you will see the pop up which will ask if you are not trusting the app.
 Hit on the trust button and the app will open without any problem.

Error in Installing the vShare on your iOS Device:



If you are coming across with some error then just follow the instruction and then you will able to install the vShare on your iOS device without any problem.

Here are steps:-


 Close the Safari and close all the tabs as well.
 Go to the home screen and check the task view and close all the apps.
 Restart your iPhone and follow the installation process all over again.
 Now you will able to install the vShare on your iOS device.


So this small tutorial in which we showed you how to install the vShare on your iOS device. This tutorial has stood for those people who have not jailbroken their iOS device. I have also mentioned the way you troubleshoot in case you are facing any problem and follow the steps correctly; then you will have to work vShare app on your iOS device and you will able to do tasks easily.

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